Book Review: Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation, by Elaine Beachy

A lesson in learning to make the best of a bad situation, based on religious teachings.

Who knew a “staycation” could pack more adventure than going to the beach. Biff and Becka, brother and sister rabbits, learn to apply biblical teachings and appreciate the resources in their own neighborhood when Father breaks the news that their vacation plans have to change due to a pay cut.

Disappointed by this announcement, Biff is sure that he will be miserable. He is afraid the other kids in the neighborhood are going to tease him when they find out. He even made a promise to Clancy to bring him a souvenir from the beach.

This story is full of opportunities for parents to teach their children about compromise, honesty, and respect. Lessons from the Bible are intertwined with lessons on personal growth in a charming tale. The equal mixture of reality and fantasy makes for an enjoyable read. Even adults can learn new ways of helping their children deal with difficult situations that may arise in life.

Children from ages 7 – 10 are sure to be enthralled by the escapades of Biff, Becka, and their cousins Alfie and Alice. I feel confident that Biff and Becka’s Stupendous Vacation is going to be a huge success.

I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.

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